You have already taken the decision to launch into the world of digital commerce and you are about to embark on a project.

Now you have it clear, you have decided the type of business you want, the product that you are going to sell and right now, that you have the decision taken, doubts. Yes, we know what doubts between “marketplace” or “own ecommerce”?

In this post we tell you how to launch in the universe of ecommerce and we help you make that decision that does not let you sleep.

Now here’s what’s important, keep on reading!

Marketplace, what should I keep in mind?

We all know and we know a marketplace. Who has ever bought something on Amazon?

However, does it fit your business? Let’s see it!

First of all, you should keep in mind:

  • Give value to your product, why is it special and different from the competition?
  • Why is it the best option to buy?

Remember that the competition is a single click, in a marketplace it is still easier to compare with the rest.

Maybe it’s the way to start experimenting in online commerce and study the whole process of marketing and digital logistics.

The product must be the center of your strategy

Without a doubt, if something will make your sales take off, it is your product. So:

  • Look for differentiation.
  • Take care of the packaging
  • Beware of the price, review it!
  • It offers a good guarantee service.

Marketplace, and its conditions

How do I choose the marketplace?

  • Is it integrated into our internal management systems?
  • Do you control the inventory?
  • Do you manage the shipping and returns?
  • What customer service do they provide?
  • And, the logistics, is typical of the marketplace?

Marketplace, according to the target audience

  • Business to consumer cross: Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress?
  • Business to consumer vertical: Marketplace specialized as Asos, Zalando, Privalia.
  • Peer to peer: Do you know Alibaba?

Just a moment! What is the form of sales?

  • Auction. Ebay uses this system.
  • Flash Sale How Privalia manages
  • Or Amazon systems that buy the stock from the manufacturer or the Fnac format that combines its own offer with third-party products but does not take charge of the shipment or the return.

And if … I’m launching a self-selling ecommerce?

First of all, despite the constant increase in digital sales in Spain, you should think very carefully about the creation of your own ecommerce.

Note that:

  • You must work and invest in brand generation.
  • You must invest in making a hole in the digital sea, where we are just one more drop.
  • Build a solid customer base and start to know your shopping habits, frequently. Invest. Even if you have worked in a marketplace, the data of these clients will not be provided. You will have experience, but zero parts in terms of clients.

Ecommerce, what do I need?

  • A good strategy, a good viability plan, a lot of patience and agility in making decisions.
  • You need to ensure usability, good functioning and a good marketing plan.
  • Logistics, choose the best operator. Take a look at our post on Logistics for Ecommerce where we solve all your doubts.
  • Encourage recurrence! Getting traffic is important, attracting new customers too but you must keep them. Since the cost of acquiring customers is higher (CAC) than maintaining those achieved, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Combine Marketplace and own Ecommerce!

In short, you should not decide on one or the other, both projects should be combined and feedback as each brings different advantages.

A good marketing strategy to achieve visibility and increase sales.

You know, it’s time to develop your Digital Sales Project and to contact Quality Marketing Contents. Do your homework!