Apostille.net is an international company based in Broadway, New York (United States). Its main function is to apostille documents in the different states of the USA. The apostille is a stamp that marks an authority and thus, certify that a document is a true copy and not a falsification of the original document.

In Quality Marketing Contents, we applied our 360º Omnichannel method.

Therefore, we conducted a general audit to later establish a strategic marketing plan.

In this project it was essential to restyle of its entire website . Since changing the corporate identity and logo, where we have opted for the colors of the American flag and modern typography.

We have also opted for the incorporation of other elements both graphic and structural to make the site more attractive and usable . This way we manage to facilitate the apostille process of the users.

· Online Audit

· Redesign and structuring of the corporate website

· Restyling Corporate Identity

· Positioning Strategy

· Digital Marketing Plan