Solarays, Spanish technology for the world

Internationalization by digitalization in the energy sector

Quality Marketing Contents has launched a new international project connected to the energy sector. We are now absorbed into the worldwide launch of the new Solarays project, a Spanish company that generates electrical and thermal energy through only one module.

Hand in hand with the Solar Energy Institute of the Polytechnic University of Madrid and after more than 10 years of research, Solarays has developed a high-precision passive solar tracking system that generates electrical energy and ultra-efficient thermal energy in a same module. Unlike traditional photovoltaic panels, this is a very compact and lightweight system that can be installed on any surface without maintenance.

This way, Solarays is able to offer the most economical and clean way to satisfy the energy consumption needs of end users, thus fighting against climate change, since the generation of electrical and thermal energy in the same only module reaches to get the 72% of the sun’s energy. Solarays technology has been developed in order to be installed simply and quickly on any roof or surface for any user.

Development of a new digital platform

Broad ranging international projects need a website of great magnitude capable of showing very clearly what Solarays does in addition to highlight the importance of this business.

After a digital audit, we carried out the restyling of the Solarays logo merging together the concept of the sun with the design of the Solarays framework type. Once the new logo was defined, we proceed to develop the new corporate website.

We established a simple web structure offering an intuitive navigation and making clear to end users what Solarays is able to do. The Home page highlights in a very visual way the main foundations of the company, as well as the places where the patent has been processed.

Thanks to the pictures and all the audiovisual material we have achieved a very dynamic and functional website that perfectly reflects the quality of this passive solar tracking system. So, end users are able to know all the advantages of this energy model both for businesses and for residential use.

International marketing

Being an international project, the digital platform has to be bilingual —Spanish & English— in order to reach users from all over the world.

The launch of Solarays on an international level will be in the International Fairs of the Solar Sector in 2020 with the advice of Quality Marketing Contents.

In an increasingly globalized world, digitalization is no longer just an opportunity to grow business and to gain competitive advantages, but it is a necessity before an end user who does not understand borders.

Solarays has understand it from the beginning, betting on digitalization and starting the processing of its patent worldwide.


If you have a business and want to point out the value of your brand, increasing sales and being successful internationally, it is essential to bet on the digitalization of your company, using digital marketing in a professional way to make yourself known around the world.

Quality Marketing Contents has a broad experience in internationalization projects through digitalization. Our work team integrates into each client’s company, adapting to your needs and particularities in order to achieve the objectives set.

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