Waiting For Calm is a Mediterranean and surf inspired urban clothing brand specialized in t-shirts, hats and swimsuits. Our true objective is to satisfy lovers of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The sun, the sea, the surf are the inspiring elements in their unique and exclusive designs.

Before the launch of the brand and the great competition we have had Quality Marketing Contents as a Digital Marketing partner.

As a digital marketing partner, the main purpose of this project has been the launch of Ecommerce, for which Quality has developed the e-commerce platform, as well as different creations and designs. In addition, they have developed campaigns and events, and social media actions.

All the execution of the digital marketing plan and the strategy lead us to the objective set.

  • Ecommerce Managment
  • Generation of Contents Plan.
  • Events and Street Marketing.
  • Design and execution of offline and online campaigns.
  • Digital Marketing Plan.
  • Marketing strategy.

Client: Waiting For Calm