HTTPS, a factor to take into account for SEO

Without https your website could be penalized by Google. Until now, Chrome, the browser most used by users, only warned of domains or websites that work data in an unsecure way. Especially in those in which it was essential to fill out forms with password fields or in which a transaction was made with a credit card. But, not only will alert the users of the insecurity of your page but it will have a considerable impact on your web positioning.

Did you know…

50% of the results of the first page of google are already https

In this post, we inform you about everything you need to know about HTTPS certification.

What is https?

HTTPS: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

It is a protocol based on http. However, we see an added s. The s informs us that the website we access uses an extra security measure, or technically known as SSL digital certificate.

HTTPS, more security

The https gives us more security since its function is to encrypt the communication with the users avoiding that any type of hacker or computer delinquent can access the data that the users contribute.

Imagine that a client of yours provides your bank details to complete the transaction and that data is stolen by a computer criminal. This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why you must obtain the https certification.

Google Search console, warned us

The Google Search Console tool warned us that the use of the http protocol, which is no longer secure, could show the user indicating that the web site he or she browses is not safe.

So far, it only warnes us in:

  • Pages that contain forms with password fields or credit cards.
  • Navigations in incognito mode.

The process will be gradual, it will not be immediate but the objective is to show the user that an http site is insecure. In fact, all http will become unsafe even if they do not contain any form fields.

In addition, not only will it alert the user but will alert through a red triangle that until now was only used to indicate an incorrect https.

Help positioning and penalize

It will penalize, nevertheless, as MOZ informs us one of the most important references at the SEO level, the https certification has great advantages.


  • Better organic positioning Remember that 50% of the results of the first page of Google are already https. Therefore, without SSL certification your site will be relegated since Google gives preference to encrypted ones.
  • Forget about security problems. Most of the phishing carried out so far has been on pages without https. For example, some of the companies affected was WhatsApp.
  • Positive image received by the user. Users will trust your page more because, browsers will show the message “is safe” when you access your site as long as you obtain the valid SSL certificate.

HTTPS, trust a specialist

Although the cost of including an https certification is not too high, be careful and trust a specialist since a url migration process must be implemented in an optimal and controlled way since the visibility of the site may be affected.

There are several factors you should keep in mind:

  • As the correct configuration the CMS.
  • Or the realization of a revision of all the URLs of the page to avoid mixed content.

At Quality Marketing Contents, we develop your digital business and help you implement SSL certification. We make your site to be totally secure. Contact us.