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Solidarity Project: Obtaining funds and donations for projects in Developing Countries.

Launch of solidarity campaign for Priests of the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús | Reparadores – Dehonianos, where we put in value the projects and missions that they realize at international level. Especially in America, Africa and Asia, as well as collecting donations for the most needy.

Projects to obtain resources for: sponsoring children, helping the disabled and helping the elderly.

Establishment of a strategy based on the contents. Put in value the different actions that are done so that potential donors are aware of where they invest their resources.

Development of a platform in WordPress where we integrate WooCommerce.

We have developed a visual platform that transmits in a transparent way the concrete project which they want to help, and daily the amount raised is updated.

A very innovative digital portal where you have the possibility to even order masses online.

Quality Marketing Contents has conceived the global project. From the development of the communication strategy, the development of the platform and the communication operation both offline and online, in order to spread the social project as much as possible.

·  Digital Marketing Plan
·  Digital Platform Development
·  Creation and management of social networks
·  Content Marketing
·  Design of promotional material Offline and Online
·  Campaign execution
·  Web analytics and data interpretation