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Instagram, now shopping

Remember when Instagram did not have ads or when only photos were shared? When was the ephemeral content not available? Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the networks that in a very short period of time has been transformed and reinvented.

Even though you’ve forgotten how Instagram was, it does not matter, because now Instagram is much more than a photo application. As you know, it is part of Facebook and, therefore, is integrated into the strategy of taking care of your business customers. An example of this is the launch of WhatsApp Business and at the moment, Instagram Shopping.

In this post we tell you everything about Instagram Shopping, what is it? How do I register? How do I sell? How can I buy?

Just a moment! Did you know…

  • 60% of users recognize that they discover products on Instagram.
  • 70% of users follow some business on Instagram
  • 70% take some action after seeing a post on the social network, for example visit their website.
  • 33% of the posts seen on Instagram are accounts of a business.

What is Instagram Shopping? How does it work?

Instagram Shopping, is a tool that has been set up to be used by companies that have an Instagram profile. Thus, it manages to become a benchmark in the sales channel.

It is one of the biggest revolutions of Instagram since it announced Instagram for companies in 2016. As you know, it is the fashionable and successful social network harvested in the United States and has decided to extend the Shopping service to countries such as Germany, Australia, France, Italy , United Kingdom and Spain, among others.


  1. You must have the company profile activated.
  2. Sell ​​physical products on your website.
  3. Integrate your product catalog on Facebook using Shopify or Bigcommerce.
  4. Have installed the latest version of Instagram.
  5. Have at least 9 publications to activate the purchase option.

If I meet all the requirements, how do I sell?

If you meet all the requirements you can get down to work. You must follow these simple steps:

  • Create a post with an image.
  • Click on the new option to tag a product. It’s just as simple as when you tag a person.
  • After this, Instagram verifies your catalog and the labeling is already possible.
  • And ready! You can publish the image, you must not forget that it is essential to have a shop on Facebook.

If you are a user, how can you buy in Instagram Shopping?

  1. View a photograph, which has a product labeled to buy.


  1. Press the “touch to see products” button. It is located at the bottom of the photograph.
  1. A label with the product name and price will appear on the image.
  1. It is possible to click on the label with the price.
  1. In the next screen you will go to a specific page within Instagram itself. You can see the photograph of the product which has its origin in the catalog of the store. You will see both the product name, price and description
  1. Click on the blue buy button.
  2. You will land on the web of the store in the browser provided by Instagram.
  1. This way you can complete the purchase. Remember that the purchase process will be different in each store.

It’s time, go to Instagram Shopping!

If you already recommended that your profile be company, now more than ever if you sell physical products on your website, it’s time for you to go to Instagram Shopping.

Our tips are:

  • Label variety of products.
  • Use different formats of publication both individual and carousel.
  • Keep your catalog updated.
  • Attentive to ephemeral content, use the stories to let your followers and customers know that they can already buy in your posts.

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