Experiential and Digital Marketing Unite in the Creation of Emotions

The Emotion Sphere is Key in Marketing Strategies

What does a consumer take into account to opt for a particular product or service? Not only the price and quality is important, nowadays customers look for pleasant experiences, those that generate good energies and memories.

Companies face a great challenge, they must work the emotional dimension.
The economy of experience has been implemented in Spain, and throughout 2018 it will continue to grow. The idea is for companies to provide memorable and personalized moments for users. Thus, they stop being passive consumers to interact emotionally

According to the report “The continuous improvement of the Customer Experience as a growth engine”, carried out by the Association for the Development of the Customer Experience (DEC) and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), in just two years the IDC ( Customer Development Index) has gone from 60 to 65%.

In this way, improving the customer experience and personalizing the shares have become a strategic priority for many companies, both in the B2C and B2B sectors. You have to create emotions so that users are attracted and motivated towards a particular brand.

For 43% of American companies, the customer experience is already the most important factor in their marketing and business strategies

DEC’s forecast is that in 2018 Spanish companies will increase the management of customer experience in their marketing strategies. This is possible because new tools emerge every day that allow us to personalize the relationship with users in order to have an impact through the different actions.

Improving the customer experience can have a very positive impact on the income statement of a business, and thus achieve a higher conversion rate.

Digital Marketing is the virtual speaker of Experiential Marketing, and allows us to achieve greater affinity with the target audience.

The different tools offered by Digital Marketing are the perfect complement to enhance a brand. The connection with users is essential, and Social Media by its interaction and immediacy, allows us to make this connection much more emotional by creating lasting links.

The development of a Social Media strategy will allow us to be closer to our public, offering a great brand experience. If today society is in Social Networks, companies must be there to try to make you fall in love. It consists of offering something different, something that makes you unique in your sector and that captures the user’s attention through different formats

It is necessary to combine all the means and tools available in the digital field to satisfy each one of the clients, creating unique experiences and reinforcing the engagement.

Is the Digital Marketing of your company aligned with Experiential Marketing to create great sensations?