Family Serra is one of the leading brands by orange online selling in Spain. The targets to be met has been the creation of an international brand, the generation of a new sales channel (focusing on Germany), the increase of the traffic to the web, notoriety in central Europe and ultimately sales.

Therefore, Familia Serra has relied on Quality Marketing Contents for the following tasks:

  Qualitative and quantitative market research.
·  Corporate identity development.
·  Generation of the international axis of communication.
·  Management of International social media.
·  Email Marketing.
·  Design and development of online Campaigns.
·  Transition from online to offline.
·  Contents plan in Social Media.
·  Advertising actions on Social Media.
·  International Customer Care.
·  Marketing strategy.
·  Street Marketing actions in Germany.
·  E-commerce manager.

Familia Serra

marca internacional

We went to Germany to spread a large amount of vitamin C so that the Germans might know what a real orange is.