One of the most complex and at the same time most rewarding work in the marketing’s world is the creation of a new brand. By Ohana Moda, Quality Marketing Contents has sought from the beginning to enhance the brand value and to make it succeed and endure in the world of offline and online commerce.


By the creation of the new brand was particularly sought to convey its main characteristics: ethnic design products and by own craftsmen handmade. Always products from the five continents.


In addition, all the required tasks for the online store creation, structuring and launch were also executed, as well as for the monetization, the traffic to the web and the Social Media management and engagement.


·  Knowledge of mission-vision-values of the company.
·  Analysis of the sector where it competes.
·  Ideation and creation of the new brand.
·  Promotional and brand Material.
·  Creation of the e-commerce.
·  Social Media opening and management.
·  Content plans development.
·  Quality contents generation.


Client: Ohana Moda