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Reasons why you should have already activated the company profile on Instagram

Instagram for companies, the tool you need

Sure you’ve heard that the social network of the moment is Instagram, where users no longer only share their photos but also upload their stories. And surely you have also thought, is it essential for my business strategy? Do I open an account on Instagram? Is it adapted to my sector? Does it contribute something to me?

In this article we analyze the reasons why you should have already activated the company profile on Instagram. That is, a professional profile to reach your target audience.

Did you know…

  • Instagram is the fastest growing social network as confirmed by the annual IAB 2017 social networking study.
  • Instagram is the youngest social network, 65% of its users are between 18-39 years old.
  • 52% of users are influenced by the social network in their purchases.
  • A large majority does not mind receiving advertising impact whenever it is in their interest.

Therefore, being such a powerful social network we give you these tips to get followers:

  • Give information. Complete the profile correctly: user name, quality photographs, write a dynamic and original biography.
  • Include, if you still do not have it, the Instagram button on your corporate page.
  • Hashtags, do not forget them because now Instagram allows you to search for stories through them.
  • Share the content in other social networks and with the company profile, it is shared directly on your Facebook page.
  • Follow other relevant users or your own target audience. Remember that they must be related to your activity.

Things to keep in mind when you post on Instagram

First, you must think about what your audience wants to see. That is, perhaps they are more interested in the process of making a product than a product that has already been prepared.

Second, keep in mind the publication schedule. With Instagram statistics you will know what time is most convenient to perform the post.

It is not about publishing for publishing, but you must carry out a well-defined content strategy. Remember the steps to develop a marketing plan that leads you to meet your objectives.

Do not forget about …

  • Geolocate your publications. If a person searches for a specific place, your publications will appear. With this you get a greater engagement. In addition, Instagram allows the search of stories by location.
  • Optimal search for Hashtags. Finding the right hashtags can provide you with many joys as users interact more with publications that carry them. Look for it in tools like Hastracking or
  • Comment posts to your followers and respond to all comments. Loyalty

How to get more notoriety?

Promote your posts on Instagram

If we search for new followers and reach our target audience, you can promote your posts on Instagram.

It is simple in a few steps you get to promote the content. In addition, you can select:

  • Audience of your ad, the target audience you are targeting
  • Budget of the campaign.
  • Ad duration

Without a doubt, it is a way to gain notoriety and once the ad is validated we get metrics provided by the ad manager it self.

Analyze, review Instagram metrics

It is the greatest benefit that the profile of companies provides us. They offer us statistics. About 24-48 hours after the activation we will be able to consult all the data that you provide us.

What information does Instagram provide for companies?

To consult the following information, you must access the analytics icon that you can find on the right side of the main screen.

With the statistics you will be able to know the following information:

  • Impressions of the week.
  • Scope
  • Engagement
  • Number of clicks to my website.
  • Top contents and their impressions.
  • New followers of the week.
  • Total followers
  • Ages of your followers and subdivision by sex.
  • Top countries and cities of your followers
  • The hours in which your followers are online.
  • Metric of active followers by day and hours to publish in that schedule and get conversions.

It should be added that you can check statistics by individual post and also the stories. Remember that every week is updated and the data disappear, our advice is that you write down in an excel sheet all the information to perform adequate follow-up.

Instagram, much more than a sales platform

Although your goal may be the sale and conversion, your Instagram account may be directed differently and originally. On Instagram, creativity wins.

Instagram Business or for companies. Activate it!

Until a few years ago this functionality was only available for large companies or recognized profiles. This is the right time for you to change your profile to a company account.

How do I activate it?

It’s very simple, we explain what steps you should follow:

  1. Open a personal account on Instagram.
  2. Log into your account and click on settings.
  3. Go to the option to change to company page.
  4. A transcendental element is to have a Facebook page to make the link. If you already have it, a list will appear and you must link to your account.
  5. Add information about your business.

What advantages do I get when I activate Instagram for companies?

  • The publications you share on Facebook will go directly to your professional page and not your personal profile.
  • The biography includes a contact button to send email and business category.
  • Presence of a link with physical address that will be clickable to the map predetermined by your followers.
  • You have access to metrics and statistics of your profile, followers and every post you post.
  • You can promote content to reach more audience and boost results without leaving the application.

Get followers through Instagram Business

If you have the company profile activated, start taking advantage of it and find your target audience and get new followers.

How can we be different?

You can follow us on Instagram and opt for a strategy like Quality Marketing Contents.


  • We have our philosophy clear.
  • We are up to date with the latest trends.
  • We value our team and show the Quality way of life.

And most importantly we have you in mind. We interact and value your opinions. Therefore, we conduct surveys through the stories.

Go ahead and create your Instagram profile! And if you do not have it clear, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.