Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Take advantage of the new tools for your business to succeed

New technologies advance quickly, we live the moment of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence …. The new tools that emerge require constant training to benefit from all the advantages they offer.

Digital marketing is no different, and as year after year, new trends emerge that when used correctly help companies achieve their goals.

Any company that wants to be competitive in its sector must invest in digital marketing to have greater business opportunities. To do this, it is necessary not to recycle the same actions, and can not be repeated month after month without taking into account the new trends in this sector.

The Quality Marketing Contents team is constantly training to keep up with all the news in the marketing sector.

We leave you some Digital Marketing trends for this 2018 that will help you develop the strategy that can help your business succeed:

  • Mobile: Many times people connect to the network through their smartphones, for this reason companies must raise their actions taking into account this device. It is about offering satisfactory experiences to customers both in the navigation and in the purchase process.
  • Chatbots: Are key to making customer service faster and more efficient. They offer a connection with clients from all over the world, providing an instant solution to doubts or problems.
  • Stories: Ephemeral content on social networks has more and more followers, so companies must take advantage of them to transmit the philosophy and identity of their brand.
  • Video Content: the video display continues to increase as it is a very easy to see and understand format. We can not forget that in 2020 the video will represent 80% of all Internet traffic so any company should introduce it in its business strategy.
  • Personalized content: it is necessary to reach users in a personalized way by offering each one what they are looking for, thus creating a link and building loyalty between the brand and the target audience.
  • Big Data: intelligent use of all data to make better decisions and perform strategic business movements.
  • Voice Search: the voice search must be contemplated in the strategies of marketing in search engines since, according to Google, 1 in each 5 searches are carried out by voice.
  • Streaming: live broadcasts continue their peak achieving great interaction with users.
  • Podcasts and online audio: allows consumption while performing other tasks simultaneously.

These are some of the Digital Marketing trends for 2018. Are you willing to use them in your company’s strategy?

From Quality Marketing Contents we want to create great and good experiences for users. Contact us and we will study what techniques are appropriate to value your business, retain your customers and increase visits and sales of your company.