The revolution of Digital Marketing: 5 Star Business or 5G Business?

What is 5G?

As we approach the middle of 2018 a new technology is approaching that is going to change the way the world thinks about and uses the internet. 5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology. This is following 4G which came out in 2011. As we move closer to the days of 5G mobile networks we need to know what to expect and what changes to marketing the new generation of cellular networks will bring. By the end of 2018 we won’t see 5G across the globe yet but we should be able to see the early stages of how it’s planned on being used. 5G is going to change the way that companies are able to communicate with their customers, this is because 5G will be able to outperform the previous generations of cellular networks, and should be ten times faster than 4G.

Internet of Things or Things with Internet?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already been around for some time now but it really still has its limitations. With the development of 5G that should all change because with this advancement in technology we will ba capable with so much more. 5G will allow many everyday objects connect to the internet, such as cars, refrigerators, etc. It is predicted that by 2020 there will be 50 billion “things” connected to the internet. This will open a whole new world of possibilities for marketers, due to the fact that there will as well be a massive increase in available data that the Internet of Things will provide. 5G is going to become a goldmine for marketers.

“Smart” Marketing Vehicles, Where are They?

Another possibility with the release of 5G is that objects will able to become “smart” marketing vehicles. This means that smart object within cities will be able to talk to mobile devices of people walking by. For example, in a suburban neighborhood a park bench can “talk” with someone who has walked passed via text message to inform them of a sale going on in the store nearby. Or a smart fridge inside a home can show when they might need milk and show advertisements on its screen for milk, then when the person goes to the store and buys milk with there mobile wallet, the fridge know that its owner has bought milk and stops showing that Ad.  This new form of technology will allow companies new personalized ways to interact with their customers.

PR and sales or VR and sales?

Businesses will have a new wide range of possibilities to create new forms of interactions with their customers. 5G will allow technology that has already been invented to become a more viable choice for businesses, giving organizations more options to communicate with their customers. Mobile virtual reality will become a real viable option. Virtual reality has yet been able to take off because of the lack of mobile components to the technology. With 5G that issue is solved and companies will be able to transmit information in VR, as well everyday users will be able to make videos as they normally do and post them or send them in VR formats.

Live Locations What Do They Tell Us?

The use of physical locations will also become a major part in communications and information between customer and company. The two major players in location marketing right now are Google and Facebook because they have high traffic on their websites and apps, but with the release of 5G this will shift to telecom providers. As location-based targeting grows and becomes more useful, companies will have a better idea were their customers are going, and exactly what they are looking for, possibilities that will fuel real time marketing messages.

Loop in Rural Areas?

Rural areas will finally be impacted by new releases in technology as 5G technology will have the means to make it more cost affordable for rural areas to have networks. This is because it’s much easier to setup a wireless network then for telecom companies to go to rural areas and setup wired connections. This will allow companies to reach a whole new market of people and potential customers.

5G, NOW?

5G is going to become a major player for businesses and will influence the way we a customers see the world as well as the way that businesses are able to portray themselves. While there are certain things that we can definitely tell will have improvements there are others that we can’t even begin to comprehend that could be possible with the release of the new technology 5G.

Quality Marketing Contents is preparing for the release of 5G with our eyes wide open! We look forward to the next advancement in mobile and online technology to take us places that we have not yet thought were possible. With the new advancement just around the corner we at Quality Marketing are trying our best to ensure that we will be able to give our customers the latest in technology as well as new a creative ideas to market their product or services. The team at Quality is set and ready to hit the ground running when the day finally comes that we can start taking advantage of the new a latest in the tech world. 5G is going to bring opportunities to create a new and exciting world of digital marketing, but we are prepared and ready to capitalize on this major new advancement.

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