Vero, are you here to stay?

Vero is the new fashion social network. In a very short period of time it has become one of the most downloaded applications and without a doubt, it is on everyone’s lips.
It arises with the purpose of unseating all networks. Yes, we say networks and not social because they are considered as the true social network: Vero True Social.

The first thing you should know: Will be paid

Yes, we will pay to download Vero. But, do not be alarmed at the moment it is free since, it is in a beta phase

The payment is justified for two reasons:

  • There will be no publicity.
  • They will not sell your data for commercial use. It is one of the main reasons for downloading by users.

Why are we offering the free download for the moment?

The main reason is to attract new users, through its manifesto has generated the need for download. A powerful manifesto, where it mainly criticizes the rest of social networks as they consider that they only watch over their interests leaving aside users.

Vero Monetization

At this time, the cost per download is not known. They affirm from Vero that when they reach a million downloads the service will be paid. However, to continue with the recruitment of users have announced that they extend the free period.

But are you willing to pay for an unknown social network?

At first, we believe that with the current saturation of social networks, most of them free, it will be very complicated to get new users. Since, the best known applications such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook are free.
It should be added that this will not be the only strategy they will carry out to monetize the social network. How will they monetize it? They will receive sales benefits by linking information posted by users such as a book or a movie they can buy online.

In Vero we get rid of advertising and algorithms

Do you remember the problem Facebook was facing? Facebook was facing a loss of users because the social network had become an advertising platform forgetting its social nature. That is, Facebook is more and more an advertising support that contact.

As a consequence, this directly affects the scope of your publications, that is, you stop seeing the publications of your contacts.
In Vero, they bet on a model without advertising and with ordering the publications chronologically.

Privacy, Vero’s strong point?

As you know, we do not have the same kind of relationship with all our followers. How many times have you hesitated to make a publication and for fear that your boss saw it finally you have not uploaded it.  In Vero, this does not happen anymore, we have 4 categories:

  • Known
  • Followers
  • Friends.
  • Intimate friends.

Maybe this division reminds you of Google+ circles or Facebook friends lists. By making the publication gives us the option to choose who we direct the content.

In addition, they promise us that they do not sell our data. However, do you know that the content you share becomes your property?

Yes, the content and all the publications you make will be from Vero. Therefore, the platform may give the use or distribution level it deems appropriate.

All kinds of content, even videos without limit

A strong point of Vero, is usability and ease of navigation. This aspect, there is no doubt that it is visible in the type of content that we can upload.

You can upload 6 types of content:

  • Camera.
  • Link.
  • Music
  • Movies / TV
  • Books.
  • Places.

Each time you upload a content, according to its category, you can create albums by theme. It will be very easy to search the content.

Two great successes:

  • Videos without limit. Without maximum duration. Snyder, director of films like 300, uploads of short films to Vero.
  • When going up we see a movie add extra information like the trailer or a small description.

If I upload content, are there enough users?

Do not back down, bet on Vero. Maybe, you do not remember the beginnings of Instagram or Twitter? They hardly had users and for that reason, you didn’t leave the social network.

Vero, risk with black

Most social networks are committed to a white fund, however Vero’s goal is to break with the established. Therefore, they bet on the black fund.

If you do not know, Video tutorials without Youtube

You will not need to go to YouTube and look for information on how the application works. Within the platform, is assistance, they have developed a series of video tutorials to know the operation of the application. In 20-30 seconds you will learn:

  • How to publish
  • Change type of relationship with the contact.

Vero, True Social?

Is Vero so different from the rest? Vero defines his name as a reference to truthfulness because they think that other social platforms are not truthful or transparent.

But do you know who is behind Vero?

Ayman Hariri, a Lebanese billionaire with several failed businesses.

On the other hand, it does not have a web version. It is only available in mobile version. Is it risky not to have a web platform?

Vero and oblivion

It’s an opportunity to fight against Facebook’s monopoly. But will it win users?

We must bear in mind that Facebook has 2.167 billion users surpassing WhatsApp with 300 million users.

However, are we aware of what it means not to sell your data and not to advertise?

Or, what publications are in chronological order? Are Facebook and Instagram invincible?

Vero and social media strategy

In Quality Marketing Contents, we will keep you informed about the latest news from Vero and the social media world. For now, we advise you to wait for the evolution of the social network as well as, if it really is essential to carry out a social media strategy on this platform. We leave you a question, do you think the IAB will include it in their annual study of social networks?