WAU Brand

WAU Brand is a streetwear clothing brand specialized in quality sneakers, apparel and goods for boys and girls. Given the huge competition in this sector it was necessary to make a differentiation of their brand and for this, the company has had Quality Marketing Contents as Digital Marketing partner.


As a digital marketing partner, the main purpose of this project is to increase sales and increase traffic to the ecommerce. For this, Quality Marketing Contents develops the designs to perform actions on social media which lead us to the target.


·  Ecommerce Manager.
·  Marketing strategy.
·  Actions in Social Media.
·  Digital Marketing Plan.
·  Offline and Online Campaigns.
·  Contents plan in Social Media.
·  Design and implementation of campaigns.
·  Posters, brochures and displays boards.
·  Events and Street Marketing.
·  Web analytics and data interpretation.

Client: WAU Brand

The surfer girls.