Develop your social media marketing plan

As you know, one day social networks appeared and with them the way of relating and communicating with your customers changed. But, now you have discovered that in addition to being a form of communication they also allow you to gain visibility, increase sales and get more customers.

However, not only is it enough to create profiles on different social networks, but social media marketing needs planning, patience and professionalism. If a strategy is not carried out properly, social networks can become your worst enemy.

You need a social media plan! Read our post and discover how you should start in this social world.

Analyze your surroundings!

We know that creating profiles on social networks is very simple. But, first of all, analyze your environment. You must have clear:

  • What is your goal.
  • What product or service do you sell?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • If you are in a B2B or B2C sector.
  • How competition moves in the social field.
  • If you have a career in the internet and how is your sector in the field of social networks.

After this, do you have it more clear?

Well, after getting these answers you will have a clearer picture what social networks you should open and which one is best suited to your business needs.  

How is your web page? Review it

One of the objectives of creating a social media marketing plan is to attract traffic to your website and get leads. For this reason it is essential to check your web site. You must be very aware if your website is responsive and is optimized and adapted to usability parameters.

It is essential that you analyze if your website has calls to action (CTA), if it is usable and offers a good user experience, if it is easy to know what products and services you offer, if it is adapted to mobile, if you have worked with web positioning ( SEO) and what keywords are fundamental.

If you still do not have it clear, analyze the different social networks!

Depending on your sector, if it is B2B or B2C, you must choose a social network or another. In addition, you must take into account the public present in each of them. For example, if your audience is young perhaps the social network that best suits your needs is Instagram where you can make strategies with micro influencers, but if your business is B2B the social network that can help you the most is LinkedIN.

As for Facebook, you know that it is undergoing a process of degrowth and you should assess whether it is worth it to allocate resources to gain followers. However, it is a good way to perform branding.

Remember that you must not be in the social media world to have a presence but you have to make efforts and allocate resources.

Now, do a content plan and social media!

You must establish a content and social media marketing plan. Carrying out planning is essential to carry out a good strategy. Our team are specialist!

In this phase you should be clear about the following aspects:

  • Number of publications that will be made in different social networks.
  • Be clear about what type of content and what language is specific to each social network.
  • Issues of publications, for example, if you sell products, what products are you going to share or services to show.
  • Periodicity of publications.

All these aspects must be included in your content and social media plan. Take it!

First of all…. Does the social media plan work?

Objectives, goals and KPIs three essential elements to verify if your social media strategy is working. Verify if the objective you have proposed is the correct one .. For this it is necessary to be clear about your KPIs: number of followers achieved, leads, conversions, number of likes …

This yes, do not establish impossible objectives, you have to be realistic and see if the weekly or monthly objectives that you pursue are fulfilled. It is an expensive task! Never throw in the towel, check where the error is and modify the plan.

If there are problems …

Make a social media reputation plan!

Reputation plan or contingency plan should be launched when something is not going as you had planned. Both the actions you perform for example raffles without participation or conflicting situations such as bad comments. This last situation if you put in place a crisis plan can be a big savior if you listen to the client and have good customer response you can even improve your brand image.

Now, Trust Quality Marketing Contents!

Now, you already know everything about the social media world. You just have to get in touch with Quality Marketing Contents. We implement the social media marketing plan adapted to your needs, getting your network of contacts to reach success.  

Throw yourself into the social media world!