Online marketing trends that will play a big role in 2018

It is still early in 2018 but we have already been able to determine which online marketing techniques that will play a big role in the online business world. In the last couple of years, we have been able to see how rapidly trends on the internet are changing and how marketing has changed with it. We have seen the rise and downfall of many different types of social media, as well the constant evolution of the customer’s needs, for example what your customer is thinking, how they are communicating, and how they are viewing and interpreting information that they are receiving on a daily basis.

For these reasons companies and organizations need to stay one step ahead of their customers and meet those needs. Therefore, we have been able to identify the next big online marketing trends that we will be seeing in the year to come.

The first trend that we have been able to identify that has already showed a lot promise in the past is app capitalization.

What is app capitalization?

There are already a number of apps as well as many varieties but some apps have become a part of people’s daily lives. For example, Maps, transportation, as well as customer review apps. These apps are already influencing our daily lives like google as a primary search engine. Therefore allowing companies a solid foundation in which they can grow and develop. We should start to see more companies buying ads in popular apps in order to increase brand awareness.

The next trend that we can expect to see would be native ads.

Native Ads

Native advertising is expected to run about 74 percent of all ad revenue by 2021. The reason for this is because of the natural positioning as well as more consumer engagement then more traditional banner ads. Native ads have shown to be a upcoming trends for the year.

The next trend that we should be looking for is professional live video streaming.

Live Video Streaming

Live videos are already quite popular today, but what will be interesting to watch develop is how companies will start to use professional live videos for online marketing. The reason being said is that companies and organizations will have a new and creative way to connect with existing customers as well as reach new customers. Professional live videos are going to be a trend to start looking out for.

Personalization a long all stages of the sales funnel Impersonalized email blasts and ads are going the way of the fax machine. Becoming hyper-targeted and focusing on personalizing every interaction is becoming increasingly important. Personalized landing pages should be connected to every one of your advertising campaigns. Attention is a currency; and building a personalized connection with prospects will be critical for digital marketing in 2018. – Twila Grissom, Acorn Digital Strategy

Transition from “off” to online marketing

The last thing that we should all be looking for as well is the transition from “off” to online marketing. We can already start to see companies trying to make a seamless line between their “off” and online marketing. For example, we can already see with festivals, concerts, even sporting events. The transition from the online marketing before the event and the marketing during the event should be fluent. We should start to see more companies and organizations trying to integrate their digital marketing and their offline marketing.

As we move along with 2018 we should see many new changes in the digital marketing world as well as many new and exciting techniques that will help companies to be create a more personal experience with their customers. Which new trend will be the biggest we will have to wait and see but it´s not too late to start planning for a new digital marketing technique.