All right! After a lot of hard work you have your ecommerce prepared, you have solved the logistics and most importantly, you have users who visit you!

But, when we make an ecommerce business, we have a very clear goal, which is that users who visit us end up buying and becoming loyal to our brand.

Without a doubt, it is essential to carry out offline campaigns as special events which help us to collect a database to send future newsletters or generate online forms. That must be the first step we must take, but what you really want and need is …


Therefore, in this post we tell you what the conversion rate is and what should be the optimal conversion rate for your ecommerce.

What is the conversion rate? It is important?

We could give you a definition, a technical definition but it may be more complicated. The conversion rate is simply when a percent of people do what we want them to do, buy!

Imagine you have 100 visits and buy 2, therefore, the conversion rate would be 2%. What is simple?

The conversion rate tells us the people who enter your ecommerce and end up buying and not only visits, because if your rate is 0 … Your business is not going very well.

But, if you get the conversion rate higher than 0, you already have an electronic commerce!

Therefore, the conversion rate does not indicate if you make many or few sales, simply provides the data the percentage of visits they have purchased.

Should I take into account the conversion rate? Is there a conversion rate that is normal in an ecommerce?

Yes, of course you should take into account the conversion rate but you should not obsess because, how many times do you go to a supermarket and do not buy anything? The same will happen in your business.

Also, you should bear in mind that not all businesses are the same.

Normal conversion rate?

You will wonder what conversion rate can be considered normal in an ecommerce. According to a study on conversion in ecommerce made by Flat 101, the conversion rate in Spain is between 1% and 3%.

The 1.02% is calculated to be the average conversion rate in Spanish online commerce.

Does the conversion rate depend on the sector?

Yes, it depends on the sector as we see in the following graph:


And it depends not only on the sector but also on the age of your ecommerce. The newer your trade, the more it will cost you to convert. In fact, ecommerce that take more time convert much more.

Which channels convert the most?

Despite the incipient increase of mobile in the world of electronic commerce, the computer remains the dominant one.

On the other hand, the social display is the least convertent. Although, our advice is do not forget: Instagram shopping!

On what does the conversion depend?

The conversion mainly depends on the quality of the traffic, the type of product, as well as the type of visits.

We found three types of visits:

  • Visits convinced to buy.
  • Not convinced but within the target audience.
  • Visits you have already purchased.

I need to improve my conversion rate. Do not worry, Quality Marketing Contents helps!

We have hundreds of recommendations on how to increase your conversion rate. But, even if you are not one of our clients we will give you some …

  • Includes a chat in your ecommerce. Try to help the user as much as possible.
  • Increase the quality of your photos, do not use images without quality.
  • Recommend products to your customers.

Web Usability

Develop your ecommerce based on web usability, do not relegate it to the background or you will not sell anything at all.

For this, follow our advice:

  • It generates a search engine, a visible bar with autocomplete and suggestions.
  • Product sheets, basic and extra information as well as, shows quality images.
  • Products, includes images and videos, zoom as well as 360º photography.
  • Cart, indicates the total of the purchase, final price, shipping and return costs or when the order will be received.
  • Simple forms. Short and clear checkout forms, without excessive fields, auto-filled, help available and includes the possibility of purchase as a guest.
  • Forces your customers to register. This way you will get databases even if you have to offer an extra as a discount for this.

Develop your ecommerce with Quality Marketing Contents! We take off your sales!